Thoughts on Street Outreach of November 24, 2015 by Phoenix In the video, I talk about my experiences with doing street outreach for the homeless, in a small group, with Tedd, Tracy, and Jayson from The Legacy Initiative. It was a positive experience, and it was inspiring to see those we talked to have such a positive and friendly attitude despite their circumstances. Much remains to do in order to gain the trust of the homeless in Salt Lake, but we must be aware that the homeless are their own community and deserve to be respected as such, as an articulate homeless friend of ours pointed out to us. … Continue reading Thoughts on Street Outreach of November 24, 2015 by Phoenix

The Other Side of Utah In the video, several members from Legacy Initiative were interviewed for a short video in Spanish. We are asked about why we do what we do, and our response is generally because it’s inspiring to see other people happy, because of the service work we do as an organization. We are also asked how to get involved with helping the homeless population, and it is recommended to get involved politically, to try to get involved with various organizations, and to make one’s own effort and one’s own way with helping the homeless population. The video is a good representation … Continue reading The Other Side of Utah

Reflection on the November Outreach of 2015 by Phoenix It’s amazing the things you experience and learn when doing outreach work with the homeless population of Salt Lake City. I recorded this video to reflect on my experiences on doing outreach work for November 2015. In it, I talk about the innocence of a grateful homeless child, who appreciated our gift of a nice warm hat and a nice warm blanket for the approaching winter season, and how touching that was to see. It’s important when I experience these things, I see the silver lining, as they say, see strength in adversity, see the gratitude in beautiful people, … Continue reading Reflection on the November Outreach of 2015 by Phoenix

Why Outreach Becomes Surrender by Phoenix

Today, I would like to talk about an incident I had while doing outreach work for the homeless (that is, giving out food, water, hygiene kits, and other essentials). I’m going to describe why outreach becomes surrender. Everything was going well. We were passing out the food to people in need (burritos with tin foil covering them, to keep them hot), and getting to know the homeless folk. We were being kind, considerate, compassionate. We were distributing our resources and the resources of others, as well as spending our own time. In other words: we were making the attempt to … Continue reading Why Outreach Becomes Surrender by Phoenix