The Winter Street by Phoenix

It’s Christmas morning. The snow is falling generously and brilliantly. I’m a little sleepy, but I’m excited, and getting ready for the outreach that’s going to take place, soon enough. I’m not sure what to expect, but I am very happy and content, because my parents are going to join me, as well as one of my friends. The next thing I know, I am at the alley where we prepare to do the outreach. I’m feeling nervous, because I know that I’m going to be a squad leader and lead a group in the middle of a storm, but … Continue reading The Winter Street by Phoenix

Gift of Giving

You know you belong to a wonderful community when on a cold snowy Christmas morning the streets are flooded with friends, family and strangers to give hot chocolate, cookies, blankets, gloves, warm hats, coats and toy’s to those who call the road their home. I parted with some of my toys this Christmas. The smile their face brought me the same joy and smiles that I experienced when I received them. I completed a full circle. Let the gift of giving extend from the holidays to the entire year. Let’s choose to connect and share without judging. Join Legacy Initiative … Continue reading Gift of Giving

Death Be Not Proud by Phoenix

Death, be not proud, though some have called thee mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so: for those whom thou think’st thou does overthrow die not, poor Death: not yet canst thou kill me … —John Donne It is super cold. I’m walking in the snow, at a vigil for homeless folks who have lost their lives due to their harsh and unforgiving circumstances and living conditions. I’m cold and shivering, because I am walking in ankle-deep snow, and my shoes are getting soaked, caked with ice, making my feet frozen and stiff, as cold winds brush against my … Continue reading Death Be Not Proud by Phoenix

How I Got Involved with Legacy by Jayson Garcia

I got involved with Legacy about a year and a half ago. My ex-brother-in-law and my nephews were in a fire, but Legacy stepped up and helped gather donations for them and the other families that were affected, seeing as they lived in an apartment-style condo: The fire affected eight families. In dealing with them, Kelly Peterson invited me on the next outreach. I showed up and loved the atmosphere, loved the people, and most of all, loved the feeling I got while making and handing out burritos. Travis and Ted are two of the most amazing people I have … Continue reading How I Got Involved with Legacy by Jayson Garcia

Eudaimonia by Phoenix

  Eudaimonia is Aristotle’s ethical term. It is often translated as “human happiness,” but the more technical translation would be “human flourishing.” While Aristotle’s own conception of Eudaimonia comes with its own specific philosophy and historical context, I think it is a useful concept to frame this piece and my recent experiences. I believe that doing the work that I do, of focusing on cultivating specific virtues, such as compassion and kindness for others, via the Legacy Initiative and my efforts to serve those in need, has allowed me to flourish as a human being, and I have seen others … Continue reading Eudaimonia by Phoenix