Lockers of HOPE

[My heart feels heavy with joy and gratitude to finally see HOPE Lockers ready and available for use by the community. A journey that taught me so many things, got me close to people I would have never known, gave me friends who became my family, above all gave me an opportunity to grow. A experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. A shout to everyone (Sponsors, Friends, Family, Volunteers) who supported us in making this happen. Salt Lake City and the Community here – “ROCKS”.] It was the summer of 2014, when my friend Leo Chan, … Continue reading Lockers of HOPE

Great News for The Legacy Initiative

Tedd Mills (the President of Legacy Initiative), as well as Legacy Initiative itself, was recently recognized. Check it out here: Continue reading Great News for The Legacy Initiative

Notes on The Red Team Patrol March 13th, 2016 by Phoenix A successful Red Team Patrol, as I describe in the video! I am reminded of why I do this work: Instilling compassion and looking out for others. At one point in the patrol we discussed the trash along the Jordan River, and how if only people took the initiative for the environment. We saw one man do just that! Life is also more than concepts: That is my self-critique. I need to remember that we are more than just ideas, life is more than an idea, such as when we look homelessness in the face or appreciate the grandeur … Continue reading Notes on The Red Team Patrol March 13th, 2016 by Phoenix

The Kosmos by Phoenix

“Kosmos” probably looks like a misspelling, but amazingly, it isn’t. “Cosmos” is differentiated from “Kosmos,” in that the cosmos is a definition and reference to all of the physical stuff in the universe, while “kosmos” represents everything in the universe, including the supernatural, spiritual, transcendental, and abstract. It is an ancient Greek distinction. This used to be what thinkers such as the Pre-Socratics thought about, as pointed out by the philosopher Ken Wilber, this approach of which slowly faded through time, as the concept of teleology was ripped out of Newtonian physics, and the world seemed to be more and … Continue reading The Kosmos by Phoenix