Pet Outreach

It’s estimated that up to 10% of the homeless population has at least one pet. The people that we serve tell us their animals provide comfort and companionship, and they often go without in order to care for the needs of their pets. Legacy Initiative’s Pet Outreach serves our community’s homeless population and their pets by providing pet food, supplies and pet medical assistance. Thank you.   Legacy Initiative Pet Outreach Continue reading Pet Outreach

Small Acts of Kindness: A Ripple in the Water by Tracy Mangum

I have to share something awesome. Tonight, I did a small homeless outreach with members of the Legacy Initiative. We were giving out water, trail mix, fruit, and crackers. One gentleman asked our Squad Leader Darren Lamb if he could have Darren’s bag that held all the trail mix after we were done handing everything out. Darren politely said he was really attached to the bag and we moved on. After we finished our route, Darren saw the gentleman and without hesitation he walked up to him and handed him the bag. He said “Sir, I just wanted you to … Continue reading Small Acts of Kindness: A Ripple in the Water by Tracy Mangum

Unconditional by Phoenix

I do what I do to ease an ache in my heart and mind. I do what I do to ease the ache in the hearts and minds of others. This means I write to ease what I feel, and to ease what others feel. It means I serve others to ease what I feel, to ease what others feel. Granted, there are other reasons that are equally as important for why I do what I do, but writing and serving are two extreme passions of mine that stem from a deep-rooted understanding of human need, ache, and feeling. Such … Continue reading Unconditional by Phoenix