Dining with Dignity by Tracy Mangum

Every month, the Legacy Initiative makes approximately 900 bean and cheese burritos to feed our friends that are currently experiencing homelessness on the streets and shelters of Salt Lake City, Utah. Some people wonder why we do this, when there is a daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner served at St. Vincent’s on Rio Grande, and other soup kitchens in the downtown area. The food services that are offered are cafeteria based, and because of the amount of food served, is not very personal. The people wait in line, are given food on a tray, and are expected to eat quickly, … Continue reading Dining with Dignity by Tracy Mangum

Hunger by Phoenix

On August 13, 2016, I got to take part in a Legacy Initiative event called Dining with Dignity, where we served the homeless population of Salt Lake City a three-course meal, with desert, pasta, and salad. It was an amazing event. Just trust me when I say that, yo.   Have you ever been hungry? Say, waiting impatiently in line at a fast food restaurant at a place like McDonald’s or Wendy’s as other customers throw a fit for not being served on time? Have you ever been impatient with a server at a fancy restaurant because they messed up … Continue reading Hunger by Phoenix

Smashing Stigmas by Dan Davidson

Today’s really been a day of reflection for me.   I started my day out really early, building a website and a blog on Smashing Stigmas.   Before I left the house I did my routine to set my intentions for the day and ask Divine to guide me where I am supposed to be.   I then was picked up early by my good friend Jennifer. We went to meet the rest of our crew where we prepared 900 burritos, and set up bags of clothes and hygiene supplies for when we go out and be of service to the … Continue reading Smashing Stigmas by Dan Davidson

Momentum (Movement) by Phoenix

The momentum is there. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of this, but it’s there.   Many of us are struggling with something. Whether that be depression and anxiety or some other aspect of mental illness, physical illness, stress and strain from work and life and responsibilities, or just the pummeling and pounding that comes from being a part of the human condition, the human race: It’s there. We all probably struggle in some way or another.   I’ve seen the struggle with those in the non-profit I work with. Some struggle with physical ailments, others with mental, some both. … Continue reading Momentum (Movement) by Phoenix