From Hate to Love by Dan Davidson

FROM BEING A MENACE TO SOCIETY, TO A PERSON OF LOVE AND COMPASSION FOR HUMANITY. RAISING THE BAR, SMASHING STIGMAS, DESTROYING DISCRIMINATION , CHANGING THE LANGUAGE WE SPEAK, SHARING THE TRUTH, SHIFTING PERCEPTION. I want to take a moment and give an introduction of myself. I’d also like to discuss with you and describe my personal story and my shift from the person I had become, to the person I am today. My intentions are to share my experience in being a racist, sexist, discriminating person, to becoming the man I am today. I believe that if I can make … Continue reading From Hate to Love by Dan Davidson

The Songs I Cannot Sing by Fred Lane

Yesterday was a powerfully spiritual day for me centered around feeding the streets with Legacy Initiative. So instead of posting my presumptive plethora of pictures, I want to post just a few, and write a little more. I don’t have the eloquence of Stephan Heard, but it is important to me. I did a little less hiding behind the lens yesterday and more interaction with the people, seeing the sunburned, bruised, dirty, and scabbed faces and hands close-up. I heard their mouths pronounce blessing upon me for giving them a simple orange or banana; asking for more for themselves and … Continue reading The Songs I Cannot Sing by Fred Lane

Swan Song by Phoenix

As I write this, I am feeling both successful and content, as well as sad and defeated. It is difficult for me to express what I feel, and what I think about things, so I will start with a simple idea and feeling, and go from there.   From this point forward, my life is changing. Perhaps for the better, perhaps not. I must remain open. There are many things going on in my life, which requires me to look at things differently, and take certain steps. Now, I am feeling both positive and overwhelmed at where my life is … Continue reading Swan Song by Phoenix