In News : making ripples in the community

The Pollination Project : Seeding project that changed the worldMission statement  – The Legacy Initiative of Utah’s mission is to fight hunger, provide humanitarian aid, and educate people through community partnerships not just for today, but for our future.


Picnic in the Park


Pay It Forward: Legacy Initiative Pet Outreach

Feed the Streets Monthly Outreach

Legacy Initiative and Tedd Mills, President of Legacy Initiative receives the”The Les Schwab, Do The Right Thing” award for January.


RADIOACTIVE : HOPELockers, Poverty and Seniors in Utah

Consultant: solving homelessness in Utah needs 24/7 program not just housing

Visiting speakers view on helping the homeless draws protest in salt lake city.


SLC’s homeless population can be helped through the lockers

Possibility of lockers provide hope to the homeless.

A load of non-profit groups raise funds for storage lockers for salt lake city homeless. 

The Pollination Project : Seeding project that changed the world


Legacy Initiative patrols Salt Lake City with the aim of aiding the homeless.