Thoughts on Street Outreach of November 24, 2015 by Phoenix

In the video, I talk about my experiences with doing street outreach for the homeless, in a small group, with Tedd, Tracy, and Jayson from The Legacy Initiative. It was a positive experience, and it was inspiring to see those we talked to have such a positive and friendly attitude despite their circumstances. Much remains to do in order to gain the trust of the homeless in Salt Lake, but we must be aware that the homeless are their own community and deserve to be respected as such, as an articulate homeless friend of ours pointed out to us. I talk in the video about many touching experiences with working with this population, such as a kind man who was friendly in disposition, although I also point out that it was hard to talk to him due to the unfortunate social barriers that separate the public from the homeless population. Overall, it was a great experience, and I was happy to take part in it.