How I Got Involved with Legacy by Jayson Garcia

I got involved with Legacy about a year and a half ago. My ex-brother-in-law and my nephews were in a fire, but Legacy stepped up and helped gather donations for them and the other families that were affected, seeing as they lived in an apartment-style condo: The fire affected eight families. In dealing with them, Kelly Peterson invited me on the next outreach. I showed up and loved the atmosphere, loved the people, and most of all, loved the feeling I got while making and handing out burritos. Travis and Ted are two of the most amazing people I have ever met and I am honored to call both of them my brother. I will be a part of the Legacy Initiative for as long as they will have me and I love the people I have met and love what Legacy does and stands for. This is my story of how I became involved with the Legacy Initiative and why I will always be involved with them.

–Written by Jayson Garcia