An Awesome Anecdote by Kimo Pokini

I learned something really important and profound very recently. In creating flyers for The Legacy Initiative’s first pet vaccination and microchip clinic, I was asked by an organization to rethink the way I worded the flyer. At first, I was taken aback because I thought the flyer did its job. But no, they had a great point that I wanted to share with you.

My flyer asked, “Are you homeless?” I was informed that it was better to ask, “Are you experiencing homelessness?”

What’s the difference? As I reflected, there’s a TON of difference. My first question pigeon-holes and categorizes a person. The second question instead places the person in a situation, but doesn’t pigeon-hole or categorize.

And then I thought, WOW – there are so many things this can apply to in life. We can move away from labeling and pigeon-holing people, and instead recognize that people may be in a situation that is temporary and out of their control. Homelessness, poverty, addiction, grief, depression, etc. And this has changed the way I view myself too!

Just wanted to pass along a little bit of learning. I hope this bit of information helps someone today!

–By Kimo Pokini