Board Members

IMG_2811Christion Sadler (2014 – present)
Role – Oversight and direction for the organization as a whole

I first met legacy while conducting a large service project with a team I had formed. Travis offered much assistance in advice and materials to help that project run smoothly. As I learned more about what The Legacy Initiative was doing for the community I wanted to be a part of it no matter how small. As I started giving my time and energy where I could I had the honor of being asked to sit on the board. Though my time was extremely limited I gratefully accepted and let the team know about my time constraints, but began giving my time, energy, and resources everywhere I can. The impact serving others has made is immeasurable. Feeling the gratitude of those we have helped is a gift that you just can’t put a price on.

2015-07-28 02.57.52Camille Chatterton (2013 – present)
Role – Volunteer and Events Liaison

I am Team Human all the way. We have all had our unfavorable circumstances in life and I feel we should always serve one another and strive to enrich the lives of those around us.
I first met Legacy Initiative 3 years ago when a friend and myself were going to the park every Sunday with sandwiches and instruments just to get to know our homeless neighbors and share lunch with them. Then I saw this small group of wonderful people walking with a purpose and that’s when I met Travis and Tedd. These two have endless compassion and drive with a warm and loving embrace for everyone they meet. I can’t imagine my life without Legacy.