TravisTravis Hysell (Founder)
President (2012 – December 2015)
Chairman of the Board (2016 – Present)

As the former President of the Utah Chapter and a founder, I have been here from the beginning. Along with my best friend, Tedd Mills, and several others that are no longer involved, I helped to create The Legacy Initiative. From the early days of our organization, I had a dream of eventually creating a chapter in Hawai’i. After only four years of work with the Utah Chapter, I received an offer of employment that would allow me to travel to all of the Hawaiian island on a regular basis and choose my home island; the perfect opportunity. I’m now meeting people and learning that our core values are perfectly in line with the Spirit of Aloha. Aloha is being a part of all, and all being a part of me. When there is pain – it is my pain. When there is joy – it is also mine. I respect all that is as part of the Creator and part of me. I will not willfully harm anyone or anything. When food is needed I will take only my need and explain why it is being taken. The earth, the sky, the sea are mine to care for, to cherish and to protect. This is Hawaiian – this is Aloha!

image1Tedd Mills
Vice President (2012 – 2015)
President (December 2015 – Present)

Role – My role with the organization is to lead by example and assist others in achieving their goals and desires as well as help people to fulfill their potential.
How and why did you get involved with Legacy?
“I have been volunteering with Legacy since March 2012. I was honored to be a part of the initial meeting and helping to start this wonderful organization. Honestly, I started doing this for selfish reasons. The feelings that I felt in service to others gave me a high that I could not replicate in my life and I needed it as well. I enjoy serving others and having fun! At almost all events we have music and food so that the work doesn’t just become that. I am forever grateful that Legacy has come into my life and will always be a part of my life. I LOVE it! Thank you.”