HOPE Lockers : Transforming Idea 2 Reality

     Presenting to you HOPE Lockers: A mobile storage unit for the homeless community of Salt Lake City, UT. A collaborative project started together on Nov 21st, 2014, by the two non-profits Legacy Initiative and Revolution United, is finally close to completion. It is an amazing experience to discover the strength we have when the community decides to think together, to share, to work as a team and resolve the challenges together. HOPE Lockers (Helping Other People Evolve) is a project that we all dreamed that we could do together to provide some comfort to those who haul their entire home every day on the streets while also pursuing their daily need for food, water, shelter, healthcare, etc.

As of August 10th, we have completed the journey from sketches, to actually building the lockers. There were a lot of challenges in completing this project, however. We certainly could not have reached our destination without the support of the community in raising funds, the support of POHL (who donated the materials), and the many hours required for the project by our entire team, who volunteered many hours to see this project completed. As you can see, a lot went into making this project, but it is a great representation of what happens when people band together to form a strong community and operate on necessary principles such as trust, friendship, compassion, teamwork, etc. This is even more important when considering the cause in which the HOPE Lockers exists for, and that is, helping the homeless population, to in turn feel a part of the community in which they live in.


The trailer is eighteen feet long and seven feet tall in height. It has thirty-two lockers with digital locks. It is ADA accessible and will have web camera to ensure security. Each locker is 24″ wide, 36″ tall, and 30″ deep (measurement in inches).

As you can probably imagine, much thought and effort goes into a project like this, and it is clear that such a project will benefit those who need it most. We would like to see the HOPE lockers instated as soon as possible, to immediately serve the issues at hand in our community. Legacy Initiative is all about building bridges and strengthening community, and the Lockers are an example of this philosophy at work. It is both exciting and empowering to have the Lockers in existence, and there is no telling how this will positively impact the community.

– Authors Legacy Initiative (Tanushree Biswas) and Phoenix (Stephan Heard)