Lives Enriched – an evening with John

  As the night progresses and I get comfortable in my warm bed I cannot help not recollect my conversation and evening with John. It was heart wretnching to drop him off. We wanted to drop him off near his camp. But he said No, he wants to check on his people before he goes back to his bed under the bridge. Where does so much humbleness and kindness come from? He has been on the streets for 7 years. While the goal of the “Dignity Restored Package” was to provide someone who is on the streets a hand up … Continue reading Lives Enriched – an evening with John

Lockers of HOPE

[My heart feels heavy with joy and gratitude to finally see HOPE Lockers ready and available for use by the community. A journey that taught me so many things, got me close to people I would have never known, gave me friends who became my family, above all gave me an opportunity to grow. A experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. A shout to everyone (Sponsors, Friends, Family, Volunteers) who supported us in making this happen. Salt Lake City and the Community here – “ROCKS”.] It was the summer of 2014, when my friend Leo Chan, … Continue reading Lockers of HOPE

Gift of Giving

You know you belong to a wonderful community when on a cold snowy Christmas morning the streets are flooded with friends, family and strangers to give hot chocolate, cookies, blankets, gloves, warm hats, coats and toy’s to those who call the road their home. I parted with some of my toys this Christmas. The smile their face brought me the same joy and smiles that I experienced when I received them. I completed a full circle. Let the gift of giving extend from the holidays to the entire year. Let’s choose to connect and share without judging. Join Legacy Initiative … Continue reading Gift of Giving

HOPE Lockers : Transforming Idea 2 Reality

     Presenting to you HOPE Lockers: A mobile storage unit for the homeless community of Salt Lake City, UT. A collaborative project started together on Nov 21st, 2014, by the two non-profits Legacy Initiative and Revolution United, is finally close to completion. It is an amazing experience to discover the strength we have when the community decides to think together, to share, to work as a team and resolve the challenges together. HOPE Lockers (Helping Other People Evolve) is a project that we all dreamed that we could do together to provide some comfort to those who haul their entire home … Continue reading HOPE Lockers : Transforming Idea 2 Reality