Lives Enriched – an evening with John


  As the night progresses and I get comfortable in my warm bed I cannot help not recollect my conversation and evening with John. It was heart wretnching to drop him off. We wanted to drop him off near his camp. But he said No, he wants to check on his people before he goes back to his bed under the bridge. Where does so much humbleness and kindness come from?

He has been on the streets for 7 years. While the goal of the “Dignity Restored Package” was to provide someone who is on the streets a hand up in their life ahead, I personally feel he enriched our lives by sharing his life and his story. He touched our hearts and life in a way that we all will remember for years to come. His humbleness and gratitude for simple things in life makes my throat ache. A hair cut, a shower, sharing a meal, eating out, or having  fun is something he had not experienced for a long time.



At the end of the day I feel hollow to realize that there are 1000 more similar stories to be heard, shared and supported. He told me that the clock on the streets run slow. He feels he has been there forever. Despite being clean and sober for many years he feels he has been invisible. He feels stuck. He wants to bring change. But doesn’t know where to begin.

I am overwhlemed. Wish I could do more. Coming from India seeing people on the streets is not new to me. I didn’t know that this experience will leave me with more questions than answers, more empty hearts than my heart can fill. At the end all I could say was —-

“You are not alone anymore John, we are with you”.

My friends David Brooks, Tedd Mills and Travis Hysell spent their entire day with John. I could see their aching heart behind their smiling face. I am so proud of you guys. I am so thankful to everyone who donated their services to make John’s day memorable and to our campaign. 


  And NO we did not say good bye. We never will. We departed on the note –

Take Care John and See you soon..

From our entire team

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