Mission Statement

The Legacy Initiative of Utah’s mission is to fight hunger, provide humanitarian aid, and educate people through community partnerships not just for today, but for our future. Our job is to serve others, offer friendship to those who need it most, and inspire others to do the same. We want to give hope to those whose situation seems bleak. We want to create cohesive communities. It was once said that it takes a village; our legacy is to empower people to change their communities from a large group of strangers into a Village. We want to inspire ALL people to BE the change, and make a permanent, positive contribution to our community and our world; to build a Legacy that we can all be proud of.  We believe that through community partnerships we can build a better community; not just for today, but for our future. Our goal is to inspire hope, and to promote service to others. We advocate abandoning the judgment and prejudice of others.


  1. We try to meet the basic need of every human needs to the homeless provide food, water, shelter