Administrative Staff (Admin Team)

The administrative and core members, previously known as the “blue team” is responsible for administration and overseeing the growth and development of the organization. The members of the team work together as a team to lead the organization creating policy, public relations, and human resources. Potential leaders from each team are invited to join the leadership team depending on their participation and leadership in Legacy Initiative’s activities and projects. It is the blue teams responsibility to ensure that each teams projects and activities aligns with the mission statement of the organization.

Mission Statement

Organizational Structure

Board Members

Core Members

Administrative and Officers-In Charge

 President – Tedd Mills
Secretary – Susan Christensen
Treasurer – Jennifer MacDuff                                                                                                    Social Media Manager – Marla Williamson
Humanitarian Services Co-Directors – Tracy Mangum and Jennifer Brown
Red Team Leader – Darren Lamb

Administrative and Officers-InCharge (2012-2015)

Legacy Teams