We are the Legacy Initiative

At the end of our lives, we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made or how many great things we have done. We will be judged by “I was hungry and you gave me to eat. I was naked and you clothed Me. I was Homeless and you took Me in.”

~ Mother Teresa

We are volunteers of the community in Utah. Upon our own freewill and with our own resources we direct our attention to assisting those who are currently experiencing homelessness and neighbors in need of hope. We collect in-kind donations from citizens, non-profit organizations and businesses in Utah which we then delivert directly to the people who are in need. We do this through our monthly Feed the Streets outreach, visiting children in the hospital and we Cosplay our favorite superheroes to inspire hope and healing.

During our monthly Feed the Streets outreach, first thing in the morning, our kitchen crew is hard at work cooking beans and assembling hot homemade bean and cheese burritos. Volunteers, some of which are first-timers, join us to serve and work hard. All these things are donated or shared by the volunteers and their friends or family. We also sort through some small clothing donations, organize hygiene supplies and prepare drinks for our friends who are currently experiencing homelessness. We then take to the streets led by experienced squad and assistant squad leaders to perform our service. We begin our dialog with people by simply asking “Are you hungry?” Within an hour or two we have exhausted our supplies and those whom receive this service are always very gracious. We share, as a community, moments of conversation, connection and affection.

Photos taken during our kitchen crew

Kitchen Crew

Humanitarian Services Kitchen Crew

Photos taken by our squad leaders of their squads


Squad #2

Cosplay is a welcome culture in reaching out to the community. Superheroes like Batman, Superman, Iron Man and Wonder Woman are an immediate medium and ice breaker. We dry clean our costumes with high standards before visiting the children in the hospital. As any superhero would, we listen and share our favorite stories of foiled villains. We attend events and believe in being an example to the community of tolerance and service.

CausePlay Team


We are interested in working with law enforcement to create bonds of trust with the community in order to solve our most challenging issues of crime and punishment. We desire to gain acceptance and support from our government officials to create solidarity. Inasmuch as we perform these tasks, we bring our own children with us to pass on this legacy of caring. Please join us in raising awareness for the solutions we are for one another. Namely through tolerance, assistance, empowerment and a sustainable future ~

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